Sashabella Paws Bratz Bratzillaz Doll Review

The first thing my 6 year old daughter said when this came out of the box was “I’ve wanted one of those for a whole year”. You can take it from that she was pretty pleased to get her hands on one of these dolls. Whether she really has been waiting for a whole year for a Bratzillaz doll, I can’t say, I don’t think she has ever mentioned them before but she’s definitely enamoured by this one!

The Bratzillaz’s dolls are a spin-off from the popular Bratz dolls but unlike the ordinary Bratz dolls, Bratzillaz are witches with special powers. We received Sashabella Paws. Apparently Sashabells has the animal kingdom under her spell and she can communicate with creatures everywhere. Her favourite animal is her pet Fluffnscruff and she loves mixing up faux fur with fuzzy boots. (Don’t we all?). Her witchmark is a tribal cat and her colour is light green.

The dolls have articulated poseable bodies, glass eyes and all come with their little pet which makes a sound. Sashabella’s pet Fluffnscruff growls. I’m pleased to say it’s a low, quiet growl and not a loud annoying noise! You also get a broom hairbrush, doll stand and spell scroll.  There’s a little card that comes with the doll and apparently you can do something whizzy with this and a webcam to find out more about the doll and spells however we’ve not tried that as yet as our webcam is playing up.

I can see why my little lady likes this doll, I’m pretty sure the Bratzillaz range would have been right up my street.  They’re more styled and glam than any of the dolls I had to play with and the attention to detail is very good. I think perhaps at £24.99 they’re a bit overpriced, I’m not sure I can see the value in them but I’m pretty sure I’ll get nagged for more and probably succumb. My little girl has enjoyed playing with the broom hairbrush and  is particularly fond of Fluffnscruff (as is my son!).

Sashabella Paws and all the Bratzillaz dolls are available at Toys R Us, priced at £24.99 each.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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