Sandpit Ideas

Boy and girl playing in blue sandpit

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Let’s get sandy!

Sand is exciting for all ages, everyone enjoys going to the beach. Children find sand play rewarding as it’s hands-on, creative and social play. You can recreate all of the fun of the seaside on your lawn, patio or decking. We recommend using children’s play sand which is non-toxic and safe for little ones.

Discover the different types of kids’ sandpits available and how they make brilliant creative toys for little ones. We’ve even compiled a list of exciting play suggestions to keep kids busy outdoors for hours this summer.

Plastic sandpits

These are a staple of any playground or nursery. Sandpits teach the joy of shared play and encourage teamwork and creativity. This means that they are also a good investment for play at home. Plastic sandpits are lightweight meaning they can be stored away when not in use.

Plastic designs are also a practical choice as they can easily be wiped clean with a wet cloth. The Little Tikes Turtle Sandpit is a classic plastic sandpit with a playful design. The turtle’s shell acts as a lid to protect sand from the elements when it’s not in use.

Sandpit toys in sandpit

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Wooden sandpits

You may prefer a wooden sandpit if you are trying to maintain a traditional or understated style in your garden. Wooden sandpits are durable and sturdy. Many also double-up as benches or tables so little ones can sit comfortably whilst they play.

The TP Deluxe Picnic Table and Sandpit is a useful multi-functional children’s sandpit. Just stow away the play bowls and the sandpit transforms into a picnic bench so the kids can enjoy lunch outside or just enjoy some colouring in with their friends.

Sandpit Games and Activities

There’s more to sandpits than just making sandcastles (although we’ll admit they’re a lot of fun). Try introducing your kids to some different creative activities. Sand and water play go hand-in-hand. The Plum Sandy Bay Wooden Sand Pit and Water Table makes full use of this, combining the two creative play activities into a set of stackable tables.

Boy playing in the sand

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Excavating Escapades

When the kids aren’t around, bury some of their plastic toys in the sand – dinosaur models are great for this. Call the kids outside and watch as they use their spades and shovels to uncover the hidden treasure. Little ones can collect their cache in plastic buckets and dust off the sand like real archaeologists!

Mmm Mud Pies

Kids love making a mud pie. Use buckets, spades and other sandpit toys to form the pies. If you have any old kitchen spatulas or pans then this can add an element of real fun. Tip the pies out and leave them to bake in the sun a while. Remember to wear old clothes as this game can get messy!

Girl playing with plastic sandpit

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Farmyard Fun

Bring the plastic farm animals outside for this one. Rake the sand to make a ploughed field or use stones to build walls to keep the cows and sheep in. Little ones will enjoy playing the farmer in their sandpit for hours. After the play’s over just run the plastic toys under a tap to prevent the toy box from getting sandy.

The Artist’s Studio

Sand is great for making mini sculptures. Inspire your kids to shape the things they see around them. The great thing about sand is that it can be re-used time after time. Encourage kids to use their sand toys as tools to make art, you can take photos of their best sculptures so they’ll always remember their best sandy creations.

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