ROTABLADE STUBBY: Why This Premium Metal Fidget Spinner is One of the Best

We all need something to keep us occupied during those long hours at work. Fed up with the stress ball and want to try something new? You might want to take a close look at one of the new office fascinations: fidget spinners. These toys, specifically designed to pass time and release nervous energy, are booming. We’re going to have a look at the Rotablade, a $135 spinner that’s one of the most popular right now.

Not everybody can afford the mighty $199 price tag on the Torqbar, which is developed by MD Engineering. That has left people searching for an alternative that boasts similar quality at a lower price. The Rotablade Stubby from EME Tools is the best competitor to the Torqbar right now and there are a few reasons why many users may even think it to be better. The Stubby has been on sale a bit longer than the Torqbar, allowing it to become a fan favorite, and subsequently it’s developed a reputation for its reliability as a solid fidget spinner. Just like the Torqbar has shown itself to be, the Rotablade Stubby is insanely addictive and is a dream to hold and fidget with.

Adding to Rotablade’s respectability in the fidget spinner market, EME Tools have produced a few different Rotablade spinners to show they are by no means a one-trick pony. The Stubby is our focus today though and it comes in four metals. The titanium model is sold at $135 while the brass, stainless steel and copper designs come in nearly $20 lower at $116. The Stubby is very ergonomic and has grooves in which your fingers fit perfectly. You can then spin away with no worry about the spinner hitting anything or stopping. What’s the point, you may ask? It can be hard to ascertain until you’ve had a go, but put simply, fidget spinners are the ideal way of time-wasting quietly when you’re in the office, or to keep you away from bad habits such as chewing your nails or eating that additional biscuit because you have nothing better to do.


For small bits of kit, the Rotablade Stubby does feel somewhat heavy, which is actually a bonus when it comes to fidget spinner. It’s equally-weighted and stays still in your hand, so you can extract longer spin times from it than you would be able to with cheaper finger spinners. The titanium spinner registers at 45 grams, while the heaviest of the four is the copper Stubby at 79 grams. The stainless steel and brass Stubbies fit in somewhere in between. Once you become a seasoned spinner you should be able to get anywhere from two to five minutes of spin time with your Stubby, although don’t worry if you cannot get there instantly – practice makes perfect!

You’ll have no worries about keeping your Rotablade Stubby in tip-top shape either since it comes in a well-made screw-cap tin that complements the spinner itself nicely – the Stubby fits snugly inside and won’t rattle around. But that’s not all. If you aren’t entirely comfortable with the finger pads that come with the Stubby, you can purchase some copper finger pads to use instead which are softer. If you have a few spinners you may be able to utilize the connector which stacks them on top of each other.

Each Rotablade Stubby offers a slightly different spinning experience. The spin-time varies, as does the sound that the spinner makes, while evidently the colors change too. What all Stubby models have in common, however, is their remarkably quiet sound, which is essential. There’s no chance you will hear it in public and you’d need ears like a hawk to detect the unobtrusive sound in a quiet scenario.

The chances are you’re only going to buy the one Stubby so you won’t have much use for the stacking connector, but if you do want to expand your range and pick up a few different designs, then it’s a handy little tool to keep them altogether and it looks rather stylish too, particularly on an office desk. However, the great thing about finger spinners is their compactness and portability – if you start buying a few then it may be a pain to start carrying around all of them with you.


The desk stand is a beautiful accessory that perhaps accompanies your Stubbies better than the connecter does. Even more impressive, you can still spin your spinners when they’re on the desk stand, allowing you to fidget away while keeping both of your hands free. Uniquely, the desk stand can be positioned on its side to fulfil a double duty as a cigar stand. Neat!


Unlike when you’re spinning them in your hand, desktop spinning isn’t quite as discreet since the Stubby is connected onto the table. Hence, when you spin, the vibrations will be felt through the desk creating a noticeable buzz.

Currently, the main drawback with fidget spinners is their tendency to get dirty and lose performance quickly as the particles inside clog up the bearings and slow the spinning speed, and ultimately the total spin-time. You would hope that with its biggish price that the Rotablade Stubby would be immune to such trouble but it is rather susceptible and frustrating. The gritty sound negates the Stubby’s discreet qualities and spin-time can slide significantly.


The good news is there are steps you can take to reverse these effects, and EME Tools have included their own advice so you can treat your Stubby with the required care. Weekly cleaning via an alcohol spray or something similar will help dislodge the particles, lint and whatever else stuck inside the bearings. A few blasts of compressed air will then dry the Stubby far more successfully than by just patting it dry. Do all of this and your Stubbies will get back to somewhere near their best.

The dirt problem is far from unique with the Stubby, with wooden, 3D-printed and metal fidget spinners all having the same teething problems – over time, we imagine these issues will iron out as developers create new designs.

However, that’s all in the future, and you should know how to keep your Stubby in the best possible condition. While EME Tools recommends a weekly cleaning, with such a pricey spinner, we advise that you give it a few sprays as soon as you notice a drop off in performance.

Overall, however, the Rotablade Stubby must be considered one of the best fidget spinners on sale. It’s a true competitor to the Torqbar, and undercuts it quite significantly on price. There’s also more to the Stubby with the connector and desk stand accessories. If you have the means to spend heftily on a spinner, this one should be near the top of your list.


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