Roaring Raa Raaa the Noisy Lion Review

Review by Chloe Witters

This Raa Raa toy stands upright, you push down on his head to activate his various phrases and to make him roar. Two year old Arlo finds it very easy to make Raa Raa talk, unlike some of the other ‘talking toys’ we’ve tested.


When you push down Raa Raa’s head, he crouches down. When you release your hand from his head, he slowly wobbles and shakes as he stands back up again, all whilst roaring, of course! Depending on how long you hold his head down, Raa Raa’s roar changes. Arlo’s favourite is Raa Raa’s ‘biggest roar’.

There are no other functions to Roaring Raa Raa, and like many of the ‘talking toys’ we’ve played with, once the novelty of having his own Raa Raa wore off, Arlo has largely ignored this toy.

The toy itself is robust and well-made. The likeness to Raa Raa is spot on. This will be a very recognisable toy to a child that is well-versed in Cbeebies shows.



Roaring Raa Raa provides great entertainment value for a child that loves Raa Raa, but be warned that this entertainment value might well be shortlived, as there is not much to this Raa Raa apart from the roaring noises.

Roaring Raa Raa is available to buy at Toys R us, priced £29.99

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