Rhyme Robbers Review

We were delighted to have been given a selection of board games for review by Toys R Us. Rhyme Robbers has since become a firm favourite!


We found it very easy to set up, as did our 6 year old Izzy which is a bonus as many board games require mummy or daddy’s help! Rhyme Robbers is great fun for all of the family, it is easy enough for the little ones to join in and have a go as it contains a rhyme card board to help them see which other pictures rhyme with their own. Image

The aim of the game is to collect rhyming cards and be the person at the end of the game with the most cards – the Winner!

The most frustrating part is shuffling the cards as its a bit of a pain trying to shuffle 48 of them, but this is the only bad part of the game may I add.

Each player chooses a rhyme robber board – with a robber and their sack (all different designs) and then receives two of the shuffled cards. 4 cards are placed facing upwards in the middle of the table and the left over cards are placed face down in a pile next to those.

The youngest player starts (which is very unfair as daddy always has his turn last that means), by checking their cards and seeing if they have a card which rymes with one in the middle of the table, if they do, or if their 2 cards rhyme with each other, they put the two cards into their rhyme robbers sack and replace them with new cards from the pile. If they do not have a match they must put one of their cards down in the middle of the table and pick another from the pile! And the game continues like this until there are no rhyming cards left!Image

This game is great fun, its so quick and easy to set up and you can play a full game in less than 10 minutes, in our house, mummy and daddy have decided that when they play a game whoever has the least amount of cards has to make the next cup of tea! So it really is fun all round!!! We think its a great family game and would definitely give it 10/10, we are now looking to purchase more games from the orchard range!

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