Rhyme Robber Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our eighth review from our Toyologist box. Today I’m reviewing Rhyme Robber, an Orchard Toys game. Rhyme Robber is available to buy from Toys R Us and price details can be checked there too.

What is Rhyme Robber? This is a fun board game that encourages children to sound out words from picture cards to see if they rhyme. It is suitable for ages 5 and over and for 2-4 players. This a great learning whilst playing game.

What comes in the box? In the box you get 4 player boards or swag bags which hold your rhyming picture cards. There are 48 rhyming picture cards, a picture rhyming guide board and instructions. You don’t need any batteries for this game so you can play it straight away. It is easy to set up and the instructions are easy to follow.

How does the game work? Wee Z, Miss C and I played together. Each player picks a swag bag and they are dealt 2 rhyming picture cards. These have to remain face down however, to help Miss C, we kept ours face up. Four cards are then dealt face up in the middle of the game area. It reminded me of playing poker!
Play starts with the youngest player who sees if the words on their cards rhyme with any of the cards in the middle of the game area. If they do, they take them and put them in their swag bag. They are then dealt another card or 2 cards, depending on how many of their hand they managed to match. If a player has a card with a word that rhymes with any other players top card in their swag bag, they can rob their full pile and keep it in their swag bag.
If a player doesn’t have a card that rhymes with any of the cards in the middle, any other player or with their own 2 cards, they have to choose a card from their hand to place in the middle. Play ends when they are no more rhyming cards left to match or when the cards run out. The winner is the player with the most rhyming cards in their swag bag.

Would I recommend this game to a friend? Yes I would. We are huge fans of Orchard Toy games and Rhyme Robber matches up to every other game we own from Orchard Toys. This game is well made and the concept is great to encourage children to learn whilst they play. The picture cards have the word of the picture written underneath so you can encourage word association with a picture for younger children. The rhyming aspect of the game encourages children to recognise sounds that sound similar. Wee Z and Miss C really enjoyed playing Rhyme Robber but I knew they would as soon as I saw it in our Toyologist box.

We give this game a huge 10/10

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