Rhyme Robber Review

We are massive fans of Orchard Toys, Tristan loves every game that we have played that are made by them & Rhyme Robber was on our list to buy so when I saw that we would be testing it I couldn’t have been happier.

Rhyme Robber is suitable for children ages 5-9 & 2-4 players can play, as with all of Orchard Toys games it is an educational toy that encourages observation & language skills, development of recognition & rhyming skills & it links in with the national curriculum English key stage 1. Your child will learn to take turns so developing social skills all whilst they play.

In the box there is 4 x rhyme robber boards, 48 rhyme cards, 1 double sided rhyme game board & 1 set of instructions. The boards are wipe-able & are really hard wearing.

Tristan & I have played every day the past week & I have noticed him learn more skills each time, although he is still a sore loser & is far from a gracious winner.

To play the game each player chooses a rhyme robber board, then you shuffle all of the rhyme cards. Each player receives 2 cards that are placed face down so the other players can not see the cards. Four cards are placed in the middle face up & the rest of the rhyme cards are place face down in a pile next to the 4 cards.

The youngest player goes first, they begin play by looking at their two cards & trying to see if any of the four cards rhyme with them for example, cat, rat, hat & bat. If there is 1 or more that matches then the player places them face up on their boards, they then take 1 card for themselves & make up the cards on the table up to 4 from the pile. If none of the cards match then they place 1 card next to the 4, making that 5 that are face up & they then take a card for themselves off the pile, play then moves onto the next player.

Other ways to collect cards are; if a player has a card/s on top of their rhyme board that rhymes with the players card then they can be stolen off them & place on their own board. Once all the cards have been played the winner is the person with the most cards, you may have some cards left over in the middle, these will be the ones that don’t rhyme with any of the top cards or cards in the players hand at the time.

We all really enjoyed playing Rhyme robber & I would recommend it to family & friends, Tristan is 4 & can play it fine even if he does cheat occasionally, we filmed us playing the game, watch out for the children that cheat.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NkhhcQ0mWU]
Rhyme Robber will be available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas
Review by Mummy2five

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