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Chocolate Lolly Maker

Everything you need to melt, mould and wrap chocolate lollies (except the actual chocolate).

Product Overview:

  • Summary: Chocolate Lolly Maker by John Adams
  • Seller: Toys R Us
  • Price: £17.99
  • Main Features: Chocolate melting unit with spoon, stirrer, lolly moulds, lolly wrapper machine, re-useable sticks, ribbon and foil bags.



The plastic melting unit, silicone lolly moulds, plastic lolly wrapping machine, spoon and stirrer can be used again and again. The lolly sticks are re-usable, but will eventually need replaced, and you will need to replenish the foil bags and ribbon very quickly.



The packaging claims that you can melt chocolate safely and easily, using the chocolate melting unit and stirrer. The instructions state that children must ask an adult to fill the unit with warm, not boiling, water. The unit should then heat up enough to melt any leading brand of chocolate buttons (not supplied). It didn’t. Granted, we didn’t use the obvious brand, but rather MuMMy opted for its closest competitor, due to a BOGOF offer at our local supermarket. Unfortunately, we discovered on opening the bags of chocolate that the buttons were thicker than the leading brand. Therefore, they would not melt sufficiently with the moderate heat from the melting unit. However, I would say that the amount of heat (i.e. not much) coming from the unit, would only manage to melt small chocolate chunks used in home baking to make chocolate chip cookies.

MuMMy resorted to placing the unit in a colander over a pan of boiling water to melt the buttons in no time at all.


You then have to scoop the chocolate out of the melting unit and into the silicone moulds while it is still runny. You have to do this delicate process quickly, and it can be quite tricky and messy for children.

Due to its small size, you can only melt enough chocolate to fill one mould at a time, which can be frustrating when there are two or more children wanting to make lollies.


When inserting the lolly stick you have to ensure that it is sufficiently covered with chocolate, and then you have to secure it with a fiddly little fastener. Children will probably need a little assistance from an adult at this stage.


Part-way through chilling in the fridge, you can press a little message onto the chocolate, using the silicon stamps.

Once the chocolate has completely set, you can carefully ease the lolly out of the mould. You can then either eat the lolly (tempting!) or wrap it in a foil bag, using the wrapping station and fabric ribbon.

These lollies make great gifts for friends and family.


Who This Product is Suitable For

The packaging states that this product is suitable for 6+ years. My girls are eight years old and still required some assistance. The pink and purple colouring of the product and its packaging suggests that it is aimed towards girls. However, I reckon little boys would enjoy playing with it (and eating the lollies!) just as much!

Feature & Benefit Comparison

You can buy silicon moulds from other sources.  However, the attraction of this product is that everything you require to make beautiful tasty gift-wrapped chocolate lollies is included – apart from the actual chocolate!  The wrapping station is great fun!

Overall Thoughts

  • Sophie:

“It was difficult to melt the chocolate buttons.  I liked all the mould designs.  My favourite thing about the Lolly Maker is the wrapping station.  It’s good fun!  The lollies were yummy!”

  • Rachel:

“It was hard to melt the chocolate and messy to pour the mixture into the moulds.  Wrapping them was fun, but my favourite part was eating the lollies!”

  • MuMMy:

“This product was good fun, and the girls really enjoyed playing with it.  However, there are two issues that prevent me from giving this product a full five star rating:
1. The melting unit was not up to the job.  It didn’t provide enough heat and it was too small.
2. The foil bags, ribbon and re-usable sticks included in the box will run out pretty quickly.”

We have given this product four stars out of five.

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