Redakai Championship Set Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

The Redakai box is full of promise – “Championship Set: Everything you need to play like a champion!”

It worked for my sons, but not for me – ten games in, and I hadn’t won a single one!

The instructions give two different ways to play, and we started with the Basic Game. Being totally new to Redakai, it didn’t appear very Basic to me but my six-year old figured it out and, with lots of glances to the instructions, we were off and playing. After one round, we knew what to do. This is a two-player turn-based card playing game, and is down to chance with no skill involved. Still, they beat me every time.

When we thought we were ready for the Advanced Game, we sat down with the more complex instructions but soon found you need a Championship Set for both players. The packaging of this Set could have made that clearer, but I’d guess most Redakai fans would know it is about playing against your friends with each person bringing their own cards to the match. Other card sets are available to buy to supplement the Set, which would add to the game.

The 3D effects on the cards are excellent, and give an impression of movement. This adds something other card-based games don’t seem to have and helped to keep the boys engaged.


After I realised fathers were never destined to win the game, my two boys (aged 6 and 8) have played happily together with this, giving long periods of peace (something of a rarity at times in this household). They keep returning to the cards and battling each other again and again. Mum gives a big thumbs-up to this (she hasn’t yet been brave enough to challenge the boys to a battle) and our 6-year old describes it as “Just the best!”

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