Redakai Championship Set Review

Eldest was most impressed with this set out of everything that came in box 2.  Initially I thought it looked a little complicated and wondered if being 5 he would manage it okay, as it is a 6+ game.  But he had no trouble playing the basic version outlined in the instructions; he got his head round the game much quicker than I did!  I think it’s because of his love of card games.  He has lots of sets of top trumps but these are the natural progression to bring extra and more exciting elements into a card game.


We would very much recommend this as a must buy for Christmas.  It is great value at £24.99 as it is a game they can grow with.  As they develop they will be ready for the advanced game set up, leaving lots of re-playability value.

Youngest even enjoyed it too, not to play the game but to admire the cards.  They really are quite something to see, with the holographic design.  The attack card when placed on top of a character card, really give the impression of movement, you really have a sense of the attack taking place.  The effects also kept eldest enthralled.  I think everything in the set is exceptionally well made and thought out.


The instructions are very thorough, hubbie soon got to grips with them.  I cannot believe I thought this would have been the hardest item to review but it turned out to be the best.

Available to buy from Toys R Us.

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