Rainforest Peek a Boo Leaves Musical Mobile Review

We were recently sent the Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves musical mobile to review as part of the Babyologist scheme and we love it. My son will happily lie under the mobile in his cot for ages watching the leaves go up and down revealing a cute rainforest animal as it rotates. The rainforest animals include a monkey, a parrot and a frog with a dragonfly holding centre stage on the mobile.

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The mobile has 4 different musical sounds; 3 classical songs and sounds of the rainforest. All are very relaxing and help my son to relax and drift off to sleep.

The sound unit has volume control and a function control so you can change between the functions of the mobile. The remote control is also very handy which allows you to control the mobile from a distance. I’ve used the remote to change the song without disturbing my son. It’s a brilliant added extra. The sound unit doubles up as a handy nightlight and provides a relaxing glow.

The mobile is recommended for babies from birth up to 5 months old when the mobile should be removed and the soundbox should be used on its own. I have disagree with this recommendation as responsible parents, we have lowered my sons cot and he is unable to reach the mobile so is perfectly safe for use. He pays a lot of attention to the mobile as it rotates and loves it when the monkey comes into view. Of course, once he is able to reach up we will remove the mobile and leave the soundbox in his cot for him to enjoy the relaxing melodies and the nightlight.

We have had no problems with the mobile and it has quickly become a firm favourite in my son’s nursery.

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The Fisher Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves musical mobile retails at 39.99 which I believe is excellent value for money based on the various functions of the mobile and for the length of time in which we will be able to use it. We would highly recommend it.

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