Puzzle Review

Time for another toyologist review and it’s another hit – the Peppa Pig Puzzle-A-Round.

I’ll take that…

My daughter, like a lot of children absolutely loves puzzles. Plus they are just one of those toys that, as a parent, you really don’t mind buying for your, or other peoples children. You can plainly see how much children get out of out of them and so I’m always on the look out for new ones!

I had noticed similar 3D round puzzles in the shops but to be honest I hadn’t considered them. I guess I expected them to be just novelty factor, fiddly and unlikely to stay together. The Puzzle-A-Round has proved me wrong! I actually had no idea how they work – they are very robust being made of shaped plastic pieces which are not going to bend and wear away after you have played with them a couple of times, which is what I had feared.

Squiggle was excited and here is our first attempt in pictures and video.  I did have to read the instructions to start off with to make sure I knew what to do. When I first saw all the pieces I did worry it was going to be a bit difficult for my daughter but she picked it up surprisingly quickly. You can see how she got on working it out from our video at the bottom of the post. She is just a few months off turning 3 and actually this puzzle is the perfect age for her – it challenged her (which you want), but completely held her attention and after giving it a go she was able to do it which of course made her very pleased with herself.

After a few attempts she is now pretty speedy at doing it and knows just what to do! It is recommended for ages 3+ which is about right I would say as younger children may find it a little hard to push all the pieces in properly. Still fun with an adults help though!

What she did find a little difficult were the very top and bottom sections where you are basically piecing together logos. It’s a shame they couldn’t have just taken the pictures all the way round, she seems to have the hang of it now though!! You build the top and bottom sections in two halves and then twist them together to make the ball. This meant the bottom section has to be built upside down. I thought this would baffle her but no, upside down pigs don’t seem to be too much of a problem!!

When the ball is finished you can admire it by placing it on the stand… or if you’re my daughter roll it around the house laughing and hide your dinosaurs inside pretending it’s their egg!

Honestly this isn’t a novelty toy. After we had built it 10 times I mentioned to Daddy that she loved it “I know we’ve just built it 20 times” came his reply!! She also chose it as her toy of choice to take to Nana’s house yesterday and it was a big hit there too.

I have loved watching her play with this and see her mind ticking over while she works it all out. It has really held her concentration and brought her lots of fun. I would happily buy it for a birthday gift for another child or as a stocking filler. Peppa Pig Puzzle-A-Round will be available in Toys R Us soon so watch out for it!

See the Puzzle-A-Round in action here!

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