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Pumpazing – Another Toys R Us Toyologist review…

Pumpazing Game Rules…

Players must pump ZINGY to pop off the ZINGERS, but beware: if ZINGY goes UH-OH… you lose a ZINGY Card.

Pass-the-parcel style fun with hilarious sounds and active play for pre-schoolers.


1 x Zingy
Pumpazing unit.
4 x Zinger Heads
12 x Zingy Cards


Each player pumps Zingy to launch a Zinger. Each time a Zinger flies off you pass Zingy to the next player. If Zingy goes UH-OH you lose a Zingy Card. The last player to have any Zingy Cards left is the winner.

What we think…

Pumpazing is a quick fun game that Maisie has really enjoyed playing and I am sure it would go down really well if she had a group of friends round and they all played it together; however she didn’t and it has just been myself and her playing it and it gets quite dull after a while! OK OK  it gets quite dull for me but Maisie is still really enjoying playing with it and even Maxwell has been trying to – he finds it quite difficult to pump it though so I guess that is why it is recommended from 4 yrs +

I think this will be one of those games that sits in the toy cupboard and is played with once every blue moon, it would be great fun to bring out at birthday parties and such like but it isn’t something I would ever buy.

Pumpazing requires 3 AAA batteries and is available on the Toys R Us website for £14.99 currently £19.99 (which I think is rather expensive for what it is)

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