Pumpazing Review

Ok, so as soon as I mentioned this to anybody they immediately made the connection to the predecessor of Pumpaloon’s. I obviously missed a trick and hadn’t heard of this before so we tried Pumpazing without any knowledge of what to expect.

It’s amazing

Firstly, I think for £14.99 this game is a steal (it is currently on offer so get one now!), you do need 3AAA batteries which aren’t included but it’s still good value compared to other games available at the minute.

The game is fairly simple to understand, you have the machine, called Zing and the things that go in the top are called Zingers. The aim of the game is to end up with cards left. The starting amount of cards is determined by how many people are playing. You have to pump Zing’s arms in and out until a Zinger pops out and if you get a UH-OH noise instead of a BOING or ZING noise then you lose a card. As there’s only 4 Zingers you have to reset and reload when all four heads have popped out.

It took us a while to understand the instructions, I don’t know why they aren’t clearer as it’s a very straightforward game. What is great about it is the Zingers do come out with a great bit of force and shoot across the room, which provided a LOT of entertainment for my brood. The arms are slightly stiff for younger children but not massively so and my son just likes me to play with it so he can go and collect the Zingers and put them back in the top.

We enjoyed playing it, there’s a lot of anticipation for the kids as to when the Zingers will pop off and they were in fits of laughter. It would be good for when you have a few children around or there is a party although it did descend in to chaos at one point, looking for the missing Zingers under the sofas!

It’s not going to become a classic game but it’s a good fun and very easy to play, even if you don’t bother playing the actual game!

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