Pumpazing Review

We LOVE family games in our house – in fact, we always buy a new one every year for Christmas so we can spend some family time playing on the big day!

This year there a quite a few that have caught my eye, and though not a traditional board game, Pumpazing by Drummond Park had certainly caught my eye!

Pumpazing offers a ‘Pass the Parcel’ style game. Pass the loveable “Zingy” character from player to player, taking it in turns to pump his arms in and out. Pump enough and one of the Zingers will fly off with a “zing” or a “boing” sound! But watch out that Zingy doesn’t say “uh-oh!” during your turn, or you’ll lose a Zingy Card!

Suitable for children aged 4+, Pumpazing was perfect for my family of 4, and in fact can be played by any number of players as long as you are not on your own! It is worth noting, however, that it does require 3 AAA batteries which are not included with the game, and though these were quick, easy and simple enough to put in, could put a dampner on things if you don’t have any spare and want to get going straight away!

Pumpazing was really easy to remove from the packaging – not over-packed, but it was all sealed with plastic bags inside so was not really eco-friendly! ‘Zingy’ himself is built well – he looks sturdy to last and keep ‘pulling’on,  and it was easy to put together by the boys too (well, it has to be as this forms part of the game!)

To play you put the 4 Zingers (balls between you and me) into ‘Zingy’s’ back, then share the zingy cards out between the players. You then take turns to pump the arms in and out. You do have to pump for a while, and then eventually one of the Zingers flies out – they go in all directions!!! If it makes a ‘zing’ or a ‘boing’ you pass it to the next player and they have their turn. If he says ‘Uh-Oh!’ you loose one of your zingy cards. Once all 4 Zingers have popped off you need to reset ‘Zingy’, put them back into the holes and carry on. The winner is the last person to still have zingy cards remaining!

Initially, for the first time, it was played only the once as it took a long time, but ‘Zingy’ was out the next day to teach a friend and then kept coming out several times a day for a quick play! I know it will be out lots of times, even if it’s just for one game at a time!

The boys absolutely LOVED it – there were lots of smiles and giggles, especially at the silly noises ‘Zingy’ made, and at times the boys couldn’t contain their laughter when the Zingers flew off into a silly place in the room! You do need a bit of space to play – and I wouldn’t play next to your best china!

Pumpazing is a simple concept. It is quite limiting as there aren’t really different ways to play BUT the boys did like it and found the noises really funny. I think it will be a good game to play with a group as a ‘knock out’ and know it will be a popular Christmas game! With an RRP of £19.99 it is a  little bit expensive – I think it would be better at more like £15 (it is on offer at the moment online at ToysRUs for £14.99) as you don’t really get much in the box for the money, but nonetheless I know the boys love it and it is being played with, so that gets a thumbs up from a Mummy perspective!

The boys gave Pumpazing an 8/10 and a thumbs up too!

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