Pokemon Pokedex Review

The second item to be chosen from our Toyologists box for testing was a little bit of a surprise to me. This time, it was the turn of my eldest son, who is 7, and he went straight for the Pokemon Pokedex


in fact, he couldn’t wait to get in it!


This surprised me somewhat as the boys have never really been into Pokemon – sure, they have the odd thing, mostly a keyring or badge, and they have watched some Pokemon episodes on the telly – but they haven’t ever really got into the whole Pokemon trading card thing, or collecting thing… so I was half expecting this not to be so popular!

The Pokemon Pokedex is an electronic toy which is ‘perfect for Pokemon fans’. With its slide open action, it allows you to search for up to 45 Pokemon characters by name, number, type and size – and there is also the option to browse the character! Including 4 trivia challenges, this ‘cool gadget’ retails at around £32.99, and requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included!


Getting the batteries in was easy, just needing a small phillips screwdriver to get into the compartement on the back. Once loaded, it simply switched on using the sliding switch on the back… and away you go!


Jorge LOVED it. He took it upon himself to read the instuctions, though, if I am honest, he learnt most of how it worked purely by fiddling! He loved the trivia challenges… and I was quite surprised about how much he actually did know about Pokemon. Jorge loves facts and figures, so was more than happy to search through the characters, finding out their statistics. Occasional he came up for air to tell me that he had ‘heard of this one’, or ‘seen this one before’ – and the Pokemon Pokedex kept him entertained nearly all afternoon.

One annoying point, from a Mummy and Daddy point of view, was that there were plenty of sound effects and lots of music that, although Jorge thought were great and couldn’t get enough of, soon became annoying and made us a little fed up with. Thank goodness for the volume control – though a little hidden, once discovered it did work a treat!


Jorge gave the Pokemon Pokedex a whopping 10/10 (and even tried to sneak it to bed with him… but he was busted by Mummy!). From a Mummy’s point of view, it is a simple, easy to use gadget that I think will be the envy of his friends. I feel it is maybe a tad on the expensive side though, given the limitations of what it actually does!



The Pokemon Pokedex is available from www.toysrus.co.uk

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