Pokemon Electronic Pokedex Review

We have only ever watched Pokemon on YouTube so I wasn’t sure what my son would make of his pokedex. In fact I was surprised at how much he enjoyed it!

The pokedex has information on 45 of the Pokemon characters plus a trivia quiz. My son seemed to manage to work out how to use it without any instruction which is more than I did!

Here is a video showing some of what the pokedex can do:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_v8YOKBdgg&w=500&h=305]

It is a very simple black display but it seemed enough for my son to see what he was doing. If you have a big Pokemon fan then I’m sure they will get even more out of it than my son did. I remember my now teenage step sons being heavily onto Pokemon at his age!

A pretty basic electronic toy but if my son is anything to go by a popular choice on Christmas Day!

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