Play-Doh Toys & Games

Since the 1950s Play-Doh has been inspiring our youngsters to craft and create using only their bare hands and the power of their imaginations. In the past half-century this pliable product has come a long way and at Toys R Us we’re always excited to offer the latest Play-Doh sets and accessories. To celebrate this iconic modelling brand, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite Play-Doh toys & games to commemorate generations of artistic play.

Another reason we love to promote Play-Doh as fun modelling substance is it’s also completely safe and non-toxic for little ones. This means you’ll never need to worry about them being exposed to any harmful chemicals when they’re happily playing with this coveted crafting toy.

Girl with plate of coloured Play-Doh

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Play-Doh Toys

When it comes to creating classic kids’ toys, Play-Doh are on to a winner. This beloved brand has been working closely with other toy manufacturers to create some great toy partnerships. Family favourites, Disney, have produced both Frozen and Star Wars Play-Doh toys recently and there have also been exciting additions to the production line from Marvel and Doc McStuffins.

The Play-Doh Disney Frozen Sled Adventure brings all the film’s magic into your own home as your children can mould and create their own winter wonderland around Anna and her sled. Little Frozen enthusiasts will love the sparkling compound in the special Frozen Play-Doh as well as the detachable reindeer roller cutter.

If your little model maker can’t get enough of everyone’s favourite space saga, then they’re bound to enjoy playing with the Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon, featuring a classic cast of can-head characters. Little Star Wars fans can recreate their best-loved battles in the epic spaceship. Stampers, book-moulds and half-moulds will help create x-wing Starfighters and anything your kids’ imaginations dare to dream up.

Pots of Play-Doh

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Play-Doh Sets

When it comes to classic kids’ toys, nothing beats a big old batch of Play-Doh. We know fresh colours and textures are always exciting for your youngsters so we’re always sure to stock a bountiful amount of captivating Play-Doh shades.

Get back to good old classic modelling with the Play-Doh Barrel. This big bucket of building fun comes with 6 cans of funky-coloured dough, a rolling pin, scissors, tools and cookie moulds. Or discover the Play-Doh Mountain of Colour for a pyramid of colour possibilities complete with an assortment of funky cutters. It’s easy to make sure the kids will never be short of things to make with Play-Doh.

Another reason Play-Doh is a much-loved play thing is its versatility as a toy for all sorts of occasions. With lots of great travel Play-Doh playsets and carrycases available, this craft toy is an exciting option for little ones who are always on the go. We love the Play-Doh Activity Backpack, crammed full of Play-Doh goodies like multi-coloured doughs, tools, pens and a colouring book. Little crafters will enjoy keeping busy while they’re on the move and the activity set is super easy to pack away when it’s time to get going.

Photo credit: Chris from Flickr

Photo credit: Chris from Flickr

Play-Doh Games

Get the whole family involved in the Play-Doh fun with wacky Play-Doh games from family manufactures, Hasbro. At Toys R Us we think the Play-Doh Launch Game is a whole lot of crazy excitement. Players have to compete, launching Play-Doh ammunition at the centre orange tub to see who can hit the target.

Suitable for ages 4+, the Launch Game comes with plenty of modelling compound so between rounds of bombardment you can get creative and have a go at modelling with the kids. It’s also always easy to supplement your kid’s Play-Doh collection with our Play-Doh single tub, available in a host of different colours for topping up their compound collection.

From handy activity backpacks to family games, Play-Doh has a lot to offer kids of all ages. Discover loads more fun and exciting Play-Doh ideas for your kids online today at Toys R Us.

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