Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Toyologist Review

We are over the moon that we have been chosen to be Toys R Us Toyologists!
M and B couldn’t contain themselves when I told them.
This means we get sent toys to review and give our our pros and cons and our own personal opinions based on our findings.
Our first delivery arrived a couple of weeks ago. It was Play Doh’s Sweet Shoppe.
We are huge fans of play doh here and quite often make our own if we don’t have any.
The kit comes with 5 small tubs of play doh and all the accessories to make ice creams, sprinkles and sweets.
The day we opened it up, Grace was round for a play too, so she was very excited!
Once we had set it up, M started organising who was making what!
Within minutes we had ice creams and sprinkles which looked good enough to eat and Grace had a good try eating them, much to the delight of B!
play4 - Copy
We had great fun with this play doh kit and it makes fab sweet things! We made ice creams, sweets and toppings and then had good fun, ‘selling’ them!
This is aimed at 3 years+ and I would say this is the ideal age to enjoy this kit.
This is going to be a firm favourite with my two

This review was written by Emma who blogs at Emma’s Little World 

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