Play Doh Candy Cyclone Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our fourth review from our third Toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing the Play-Doh Candy Cyclone set. This is available to buy from Toys R Us and details of the price can be checked there too.

What is Play-Doh Candy Cyclone? This is a Play-Doh set that allows you to be extra creative with Play-Doh. You can make a variety of Play-Doh sweets including Play-Doh gum balls. It is suitable for age 3+. It comes with 4 mini pots of Play-Doh, cutting tools, a syringe and 2 plates with sweet moulds. The set comes in pieces however there are instructions included in the box to build the set and these are really easy to follow. It took less than 5 minutes to put together.

How does it work? Once assembled, you can make sweets by using your plunger and sweet moulds or you can press Play-Doh into the various moulds on the set. You can use your cutting tools to cut your Play-Doh to make it easier to use in the moulds. To use the “cyclone”, you have to roll your Play-Doh into a 2 cm thick sausage and then insert it through the top. You then use the handle to turn the rollers which make the sausage into lots of Play-Doh gumballs.
Miss C loves Play-Doh and she sat for over an hour making lots of little sweets. Her favourite tool was the syringe which makes the Play-Doh come out like a big thick piece of spaghetti.
Wee Z used the “cyclone” to make his gumballs and then placed them on to the plate moulds and made lots of sweets with the plunger.

How easy is it to clean? One of the things I hate about Play-Doh is it can get stuck in the most awkward of places when you are using sets. I was starting to wonder how we were going to clean the rollers inside as Play-Doh was starting to build up around them, when I noticed there was a door to open up and clean inside the “cyclone”. I had to use the knife tool to get all the Play-Doh out but at least I didn’t have to unscrew bits to get in to clean it properly. There is nothing worse than dried up Play-Doh in your lovely, fresh Play-Doh.

Any drawbacks to the Play-doh Candy Cyclone? The Play-Doh pots were really hard to open. I hurt my thumbs trying to get the lids off. Otherwise, the set is well made, the plunger and the handle to make the rollers turn are easy to use and there are lots of little moulds to make a variety of sweets.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes I would as the kids really enjoyed playing with it. You get Play-Doh with the set so you don’t have to worry about buying on top of the set to play however you can add more Play-Doh to it to make different coloured sweets. I also felt the price was quite good for what you get.

We give this a 9/10 – Just wish the pots were easier to open

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