Peppa Pig Puzzle Review

Review by Chloe Witters

As soon as we got this out of the box and I realised that it involved constructing a globe-shaped puzzle, I knew that the Peppa Pig Puzzle-a-Round was way above Arlo’s skill level (he s 23 months and the toy is aimed at children aged 3+). You create the two halves of the jigsaw around a semi-circular mold, and then join the two pieces together to form a sphere.

Although Arlo needed a lot of Dad’s ‘help’ to create the puzzle, his interest didn’t once wain throughout the whole process. He was really engaged in watching Sam make the puzzle, so it turned out to be a nice activity for them to do together.

The fun stepped up a notch for Arlo once the puzzle had been constructed and he realised that it was a ball. He had a great time rolling it along the floor, and throwing it (great fun for the adults in the room who knew they would be immediately called upon to fix the puzzle after it had fallen apart on impact). There is a good deal of illustrative detail on the puzzle, and Arlo has enjoyed pointing out all the Peppa pig characters; who has bikes, who is wearing a  hat, glasses, etc.

For a toy that is way above his abilities, I was really surprised at how much interest Arlo showed in the Peppa Pig Puzzle-a-Round (albeit not for its original purpose as a jigsaw). I can see this being a really engaging challenge for Arlo in about a year’s time, and something a little different to a standard jigsaw puzzle, so we will be packing this toy away for the moment and reintroducing it when he turns 3.

The Peppa Pig Puzzle-a-Round will be available from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

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