Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders 2 Review

When Elliott was a toddler all of his friends loved Peppa Pig and yet we avoided it like the plague. To me it looked annoying and we had already been through a , thankfully brief, In The Night Garden phase and due to Elliotts obsessive nature I did not wish to subject myself to further torture. Then one fateful day it all changed for the Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing household when Sam landed himself in A&E one night. The triage nurse was trying to keep him still while she did his obs and handed him her Iphone with Peppa Pig playing on it, well that was Sam hooked. The next day when Peppa came on TV I let Sam watch it rather than channel hopping and that was Elliott hooked too and MUCH to my relief it turned out that Peppa Pig wasnt annoying after all, in fact I find it quite amusing.

So in short Peppa is a recent addition to our household and the boys love it – Sam likes to snort along with the opening titles.

When we were sent the Peppa Pig Snakes and Ladders game to review I was thrilled because I knew Elliott would love the theming  and it was actually something I had been considering purchasing.

Elliott has regular speech therapy to help with his ASD and part of this involves playing turn taking games and building the number of people playing, testing his very limited patience. An important element to these games is that there is a defined end point because to Elliott when he starts a task if it doesn’t have a defined end it means that the game will go on forever. Snakes and Ladders ticks both of these boxes, it also goes further in introducing the concepts of rules that have to be followed in order to be able to play the game and also encourages counting – granted only to 6 but every little helps. So for an old school game developmentally it’s actually really great for small children.

The Peppa Pig theme doesn’t change the game itself in any respect but it certainly added to Elliotts enthusiasm to play. As the board is “giant” in size it has been made from a thick plastic sheet and the colourful characters really pop. The sheeting material also makes it very practical for small children, with spilt drinks and sticky hand marks being wiped away to a mere memory.

I really liked the big chunky counter pieces as they are easy to move around the board by little hands and  not get lost under the sofa. Every piece is a different member of the Pig family – I do find it slightly odd that the George counter is pink, considering that he is the boy character, and the Peppa counter is blue. This didn’t bother Elliott as he wanted to be Peppa regardless of colour and he likes the colour pink but I can imagine some little boys could take issue at having to play with the pink counter if they want to play George.

The dice being large and designed to be thrown has sensibly been made from a compact foam and although not the best roller it certainly gets the job done.

Elliott really enjoys playing this game and it is a really lovely simple activity that the whole family can get involved in; even Sammy enjoys rolling the dice, when he remembers to let go of it! The first time Snakes and Ladders came out of the box Elliott insisted that we played it 4 times in  row before he could be distracted by dinner.

I think the fact this is a game with Peppa Pig on it may put a few consumers off who are looking simply for snakes and ladders as you can’t get away from the fact that you are going to be paying a premium for the theme. However to those people I would say that the way this game has been thought through with young children in mind it presents good value for money and it is so bright, colourful and engaging that it will spark the young imaginations of even non Peppa Pig fans.

Then there is the opposite group those looking for a Peppa Pig toy for a child but think that this is “just” a snakes and Ladders game to them I would say that as much as this is old school for us the wonderful thing about kids is that everything is brand new and exciting.

In my opinion a great purchase for all!

The Jumbo Giant Snakes and Ladders Game is available in Toys R Us and on their website priced at £9.97

Elliott was sent Peppa Pig Snakes and Ladders to review as part of Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing’s  involvement with Toys R Us as a 2012 Toyologist

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