Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game Review

Despite being made of plastic, the Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game has a very retro feel about it.

Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game Box

The product was refreshingly easy to get to – just two small pieces of tape stood between us and the game. It was also easy to set up. You just clip the swings onto the rings on the top of the ride, then stack the remaining pieces into place.

This video shows how easy assembly is:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWLKMgpv5W8]

The aim of the game is for your character to be the last one on the swings. Each player (starting with the youngest) takes turns pressing the spinner to make the ride spin. If your character lands on a red space, they have to get off the swing. On your next turn, stand your Peppa character next to a space where you think an empty swing will stop. If you guess correctly,  your character can get back on. If you’re wrong, you can try again on your next turn. The winner of the game is the last one on the swing.

My son is only 15 months old, so didn’t really understand the game aspect of this toy. He sat watching me spin it for a good while, though. He was smiling and clapping as the ride spun.

Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game

The “Game” aspect of this product is a little weak in my opinion. It is for 2-4 players, but if only two play, the first one to land on a red space loses. If there are a few people playing, each game lasts a bit longer. Personally, I found the actual spinning of the “ride” much more enjoyable than the game aspect of the toy.

This product is definitely not suitable for children under 3. My son pulled one of the Peppa characters off easily, and they are just the right size for him to put in his mouth.

If your child is 3 and over, loves Peppa Pig and has several friends or family members to enjoy this game with, they will probably love it. Parents will love the fact it doesn’t require batteries, it can be opened and assembled in under two minutes, and the toy is easily disassembled again for storage in the supplied box.

The RRP of the game is £14.99. At that price, it’s definitely something I’d buy for a Peppa Pig fan.

The Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game will soon be available from Toys R Us

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