Outdoor Toy Storage

Just because they live outdoor doesn’t mean storing outdoor toys should be overlooked. Outdoor toy storage can present its own challenges however. Where do dirty toys go to sleep at night? How do you find places for them to call home, especially if you’ve got limited garden storage? Join Toys R Us as we look at some innovative solutions to the challenge of how to store outdoor toys.

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How to store outdoor toys

A quick, easy solution if you’ve got the room is to have a toy storage container in a corner of the garage or shed. Something like the Kidsaw My First JCB Skip Toy Box or Thomas 6 Bin Storage offer simple solutions to outdoor toy storage. They’re open-topped toy storage units, so there’s no worry trying to get that weirdly shaped toy inside, and they mean everything is tided away indoors and not exposed to the weather. Of course it’s best to keep this as close to the garden side as possible, to save traipsing mud through the garage, and how suitable it is may well depend on how many shiny cars or shiny tools you store in there also.

If you want to innovate and make something a little different, there’s a wide world of great, creative toy storage ideas out there. Buy an old cabinet in a second hand shop and use that in the corner of your garage instead. This offers you the chance to decorate it with the kids, providing a bright and exciting place to store their outdoor toys that’s a little bit unique. It also makes it far more likely they’ll use it, and respect it.

Another great tip to keep things in the right place are some kid-friendly floor markings. Use coloured tape to mark out areas of the floor, that way you can designate parking spots for bikes, trikes and plastic-automobiles, ensuring everything ends up in the right place, every time.

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Outdoor toy storage solutions

Not everyone has room in a garage or shed for kids’ toy storage, so what to do if you’re stuck outside? The natural thought would be to make sure everything is covered up, but realistically if your toys are sturdy enough to survive outside, they’re sturdy enough to survive the weather too. The trick is to make sure you’re not leaving containers ready to fill up with water.

Hanging milk crates or wire baskets from a fence is a smart answer to outdoor storage. Balls, bats, sports equipment and garden toys can be tucked away in them when done, without having to be dragged back into the house. An old bin can serve the same purpose, just drill some holes in the bottom to let water drain, and you’ve got yourself a homemade solution to keeping the garden clutter-free.

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Garden storage ideas

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. With a great playhouse from Toys R Us, you not only get a great place for kids to play, you get a great place to store toys too. The smart part about this is you can really sell the idea of the playhouse being ‘home’ for all your outdoor toys. Explaining to the kids that the toys want to go home at night too makes it all that much easier to convince them to put them away each day.

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Toy storage ideas

If you’re looking for a bit of outdoor storage with style, why not try the Disney Frozen 23L Storage Box. It comes with a sealable lid and a bright, colourful exterior for all the Frozen addicts in your life. There’s plenty of room inside for toys, and as long as you don’t mind the inside getting muddy, it’s a great storage idea to tuck away in the corner of the garden.

Another great tip, especially good if your kids are looking to hang up their sand or water toys, is to secure a delivery pallet against a wall. The slots inside the pallet make the perfect place to hang up outdoor toys. And just like the secondhand cabinet idea above, this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with decoration. Get your kids involved in decorating the pallet, and make sure it’s looking great, and is therefore great to use. Just be sure and check for possible splinters before you let the little people get started.

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These are just a few outdoor toy storage ideas from Toys R Us. Got your own great ideas? Why don’t you share them in the comments!

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