Orchard Toys Football Game Review

Last but by no means least out of our Toyologist box is a game called Football game by Orchard toys, we left this game till last as we  actually own it already & have played it many times. The game is aimed at children ages 5+ but my 4 year old has been playing fine, he understand the rules great so I would say a younger child should not have any problems once they are taught how to play. The football game can be played by 2-4 players & the length of play really depends on the roll of the dice. The reason I love Orchard toys is that all of their games are educational & I know I say it all the time but a child absorbs more when they learn through play. The boards are made of thick, durable, 100% recycled materials & the paper that they print on is sourced from sustainable forest then coated in a water based varnish which makes them easy to wipe clean.

In the Box
4 x game boards
4 x football counters
4 character stands
1 x whistle spinner
1 x goal spinner
1 x dice
1 x instructions
The object of the game is to be the 1st player to score  a goal. The yougest player starts the game by rolling the dice, if the player lands on a player that is their colour then they are able to follow the arrow up but if they land on a player wearing the white kit they have to go down the arrow.
Landing on a whistle means they have to spin the whistle spinner, if the spinner lands on the free kick(the foot kicking the ball) the player can roll the dice again & have another turn, If the spinner lands on a yellow card the player misses their next turn & if it lands on the red card the player is ‘sent off’ which means they must return to the start of the board. Once a player has reached the coloured arrow in front of coal then this is the chance they have to win, they take the goal spinner & spin if any part of the football covers the goal keeper then the goal is saved & you must return to the point indicated on the goal spinner. If the football does not touch any part of the goal keep then the ball has hit the back of the net which means that player has won.
Tristan gives this game a huge thumbs up & even months of playing the football game he still really enjoys it. It is a game that the whole family can join in on & no skill is involved as it all depends on the roll of a dice so the younger children have the same chance of winning as an older child.
Orchard Toys Football game will be available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

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