Orchard Toys Football Game Review

Reviewed by Damian Johnson, WhenToysRuleTheWorld.
I was in school the other week when I was approached by an 8 year old and asked if I liked football. ‘I don’t really follow football,’ I replied. I thought this would be enough to turn his attention back to the book review he was supposed to be writing, but no, he was keen to continue with the topic. ‘What team to you support?’ he asked. ‘You know when I said I don’t really follow football?’ I replied. This didn’t dissuade him either and he continued with asking about England games and various other football-related topics that I really couldn’t care less about. Probably as little care as he had of finishing his book review.
But this has nothing to do with this Football Game from Orchard toys.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFLXcl7pP0U]
The rules are simple and can be learnt within a minute. If you guessed at the rules, you’d likely get them right. The game is very similar to Snakes and Ladders, but with a couple of added spinners and everyone has their own board. Move your football up or down the board(/pitch), depending on the arrows, and then when you reach the top (aka ‘the goal line’) spin to see if you score. Score and win. Simple as.
Since my interest in football is limited to knowing when international matches are on so I know that the pub won’t have any seats, the children’s exposure has been limited and thus their interest as little as mine. They played the game, enjoyed it, but haven’t been pleading for additional games since – hence their non-appearance in the video.
Like all Orchard games, the quality is high. The pieces are made of made of thick cardboard and ought to take a battering. Overall, while my children weren’t overly keen, his does seem like a great game for young football fans to play when the weather outside is dreadful and there’s no chance of playing real football.

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