Night Night Pooh Review

Of the products Toys R Us sent me to test, the gentlest and most soothing was, without a doubt, Night Night Pooh.  Winnie the Pooh’s appeal is easy to understand.  He is a kind, friendly, cute bear and has been around for so long that most parents (and even grandparents) remember him fondly from their own childhood.

Night Night Pooh is a nicely designed toy with a clear purpose.  As a companion for a little one trying to get to sleep, Pooh is second to none.  His voice is calming and the light is gentle enough that it wouldn’t prevent anyone from falling asleep.

Elwood loves pressing the button on Pooh’s candle to activate the light.  He seems to like Pooh and give him hugs.

Tiffany felt that Night Night Pooh was cute and would be especially good for a baby who had him from birth and grew up using him.  Pooh is such a familiar character that he’d be welcomed into any home.

Night night.

Night Night Pooh will be available from Toys R Us soon

Review by James Spence

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