Nerf Toys For Kids

Who doesn’t love Nerf? The popular toy brand have been leading the way in outdoor fun for over four decades, and are still providing kids with hours of fun. From the classic super soaker to the chic and stylish Nerf Rebelle, there are so many different types of Nerf guns to choose from. To help make your life easier, we’ve put together a guide to some of our favourites, as well as some of the best games to play with your Nerf toys this summer.

Taking aim with a Nerf gun

Photo Credit: Adrian Patino from Flickr

Nerf Rebelle

Nerf Rebelle is an epic range of blasters, crossbows and Nerf guns designed specifically for girls. Beautifully stylish, but with just as much power as the rest of the Nerf range, we’ve picked out some of our favourites from the range.

Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

This amazing crossbow blasts six darts for quick-fire action – fire all six at once or blast them out one at a time. Each dart can reach up to 75 feet, making it great for practicing your skills and improving your aim. With decorated pink and purple wings, this is a Nerf gun they’ll love showing off to their friends.

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of this gun – it can fire twelve darts at target sup to 75 feet away! You can even add to the fun by writing secret messages on your darts, and sending them hurtling towards your enemies. Will they be able work out your messages with the decoder?

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

They’re sure to impress all their friends – and beat all their enemies – with this super stylish, super powerful bow blaster. It comes with three arrows, which can be launched at targets up to 85 feet away. And what’s more, you can even get pinpoint accuracy with the electronic sight trigger, making it easier to hit your targets first time.

Nerf Zombie Strike

Prepare for the zombie invasion with the powerful range of blasters in the Nerf Zombie Strike range. Make sure you’re fully equipped with our favourite Nerf guns from the collection.

Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike

This one-handed weapon is all you need during a zombie invasion. Load it up with one hand and get firing with the other – the double tap action will fire two darts in a row, helping you take down your enemies faster.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

Take down zombies left, right and centre with this powerful crossbow blaster. Just load up your darts and draw back the string so you’re ready to go when danger strikes.

Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator

Your zombie enemies will be quaking at the sight of this impressive blaster. It comes with 4 drums, which can each hold 6 darts – that means you can fire an impressive 24 darts without having to reload.

Taking aim with a Nerf gun

Photo Credit: Jason Carter from Flickr

Nerf Super Soaker

Just the thing for hours of outdoor fun this summer, Nerf water guns are much-loved by kids and adults alike. Get ready for epic battles with our top picks.

Nerf Super Soaker Barrage

Drench the competition with this amazing blaster, which holds 2.4 litres of water, and can shoot targets up to 11.5 metres away! Choose how you soak your target, with three choices of soaking modes: Distance, Floor or Scatter. Nobody will stand a chance when you’re armed with this super soaker.

Nerf Super Soaker Sonice Fire N Ice Multiplayer Pack

The whole family can join in the fun with this four pack of incredible soakers. The set includes two Tidal Tube soakers, perfect for unleashing a stream of water on targets up to 23 feet away, as well as two Alphafire blasters, ideal for sneak attacks.

Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood

Drench your opponent before they get you with this high-capacity soaker. It can hit targets up to 11.5 metres away, and has 2 different modes for you to choose from: Flash Strike or Flood Strike!

Nerf guns

Photo Credit: Adrian Patino from Flickr

Nerf games

Now you know which guns to get, what games can you play with them? We’ve thought up some exciting ways to make the most of your Nerf guns and enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends this summer.

Capture the Flag

Use your Nerf guns to put a thrilling twist on this classic games. Split the players into two teams, each with a separate base. Each base should have a flag, and the object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it safely back to your own home base. Can you get it back to base without being shot by the enemy?

Spinning Targets

We love this idea for spinning Nerf targets by the blog Frugal Fun for Boys. Kids will love designing their own targets, and they’ll learn a little about mathematical challenges and gravity when constructing the spinner.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

This Nerf obstacle course is brilliant for any outdoor party this summer, and adults can join in the fun too! You’ll need a few different materials to set up your obstacles, but all are easily available in hardware stores, including yarn or string and wooden stakes.

Shoot and Add

This easy game is great for getting kids to work on their maths skills whilst playing with their Nerf guns. All you’ll need is: plastic cups, a permanent market, a chalkboard or piece of paper for tallying up scores, and Nerf blasters.

Nerf games

Photo Credit: OzAdr1an from Flickr

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