Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream Review By Vicky

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This Nerf Water Blaster Tornado Scream comes in an opened front strong cardboard box. It allows for you to view the size, check the comfort of the trigger area and quality before purchase. On the front and back of the box it gives details of the water capacity and distance it fires. The instructions for use are printed on the bottom of the box.



The Water Blaster itself has some really great detailing on. It is made of nice bright coloured, strong plastic. It has a fixed water shooter as well as a spinning one on the front, which spins round really fast (making it really easy to hit moving targets). It is pressure powered so no need for batteries. You need to pump it about 25 times and then pull the trigger. You get about 3 goes out of each full tank. The force the water comes out is really strong and gets people absolutely drenched after 1 hit.



It is quite a large water blaster. I’m comparing this to the other Water Blasters we own, the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm (top right blaster).


On the Nerf Tornado Scream box it says it holds 1 litre of water and shoots 10 metres. The water tank of the Tornado Scream holds equivalent to 3 water packs for the other guns. We found it easier and quicker just to fill a bucket and refill it outside. There is a screw lid on top of the water tank, which is attached to the blaster. Just unscrew, fill up and replace lid. You will have to make sure the lid is on tight so the pressurising pump works. The Water Blaster when full is slightly heavy for the young ones, but they manage to hold it because it has lots of places for their other hand to support it. My 7 year old didn’t have a problem holding it.


It really does shoot 10 metres. I managed to fire water to the other end of the garden (which is just over 10 metres). This is only possible when you have fully pumped it. My 7 year old managed to pump it fully, but my 5 year old was not strong enough as it gets quite stiff.


Overall Review

Great Fun! The kids absolutely hated getting wet through, but thoroughly enjoyed soaking each other and myself.
I would recommend this for any child that loves water blasters. It is probably best for 6+ as it needs some strength to pump it for best outcome.
I’m definitely going to buy another one to make the water games fair.

You can get this Super Soaker here.

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