Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Kit Review By James

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Unboxing the toy
Like the Long Range Upgrade Kit I previously reviewed, the Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit contains a further three cool upgrades which slide or clip into Nerf’s ECS-10 Modulus Blaster.  Again, to be clear, the gun itself is sold separately.

The kit shares the striking colour scheme of the Modulus.

Again, the box presents the upgrades nicely, showing you exactly what you can expect to find.  As the box does not contain clear plastic, you can actually touch the toy without opening the box.

The pieces are held in with string, easy to snip and gain access to the toy.

Key features
These accessories are pretty nifty overall and clip into the various rails on the gun itself.  This kit contains three upgrades: a proximity barrel, folding grip and a red dot sight.  The red dot sight requires batteries.
Thoughts on the toy
The proximity barrel, first and foremost, looks cool.  There, I said it!  I’m not convinced it offers much that is functionaly different to the barrel that comes with the Blaster.  However, it can be used with the Barrel that comes with the ECS-10 Blaster to make a big long (slightly ridiculous looking) gun.  I’ll admit it.  It’s great fun!!

The folding grip has two positions: up and down.  One for running with the weapon, one for holding and firing.  Again I’m not sure it adds much to the Blaster, especially as it isn’t very comfortable.  I prefer the one that comes with the ECS-10 Blaster.

The Red Dot Sight, does project a red light, but not a pin-point laser light like you see in the movies, more a diffused red mini-torch glow.  It does display a red dot on the target, though which helps you aim upwards.  It kinda works.
This kit fits well with the Modulus well and is sturdy enough that I wouldn’t worry about it breaking out there on the front line of the Nerf battlefield!
Final words
Overall, we quite liked this upgrade kit, particularly the proximity barrel.  However, given the choice between this kit or the Long Distance Kit, the Long Distance one would get my vote.  Either way, it’s a blast!


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