Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit Review By James

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Unboxing the toy
The Long Range Upgrade Kit contains three cool upgrades which slide or clip into Nerf’s ECS-10 Modulus Blaster.  Just to be clear, the gun itself is sold separately.  The Modulus range has a striking colour scheme with bright ‘safety’ orange and a slightly industrial look, that feels a bit sci-fi rather than military.  The box presents the upgrades nicely, showing you exactly what you can expect to find.  As the box does not contain clear plastic, you can actually touch the toy without opening the box.

The pieces are held in with string, easy to snip and gain access to the toy.

Key features
This upgrade kit does not require batteries (although that is not the case for all the upgrade kits).  These accessories are pretty nifty overall and clip into the various rails on the gun itself.  This kit contains three upgrades: a long range barrel, folding bi-pod legs and a distance scope.

Thoughts on the toy
The distance scope doesn’t contain a clear plastic screen, but is open.  It doesn’t bother me either way, but I might have expected it to have a screen.  It has two sets of cross hairs which you  line up against each other and the target.  It works reasonably well, bear in mind the blaster fires out foam darts!

The folding bi-pod legs are quite good, albeit a little shakier that I would have thought.  Though I suspect that’s on account of the size of the gun with all the components added!

The long range barrel helps the gun shoot with a little more precision, but perhaps at the cost of a little distance from what I can see, which is slightly ironic in a long distance upgrade kit!
Having had the Modulus for a while now, yes there is the matter of finding individual components and darts lying around the house, but it’s no different to any other toy that can be separated into parts.  The Modulus still works a treat and, actually, is still great fun to play with.

We’re going to get a second blaster soon so that the boy and I can have a battle!

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