Mystyle Gorgeous Girly Cushions Review

I have become quite a fan of the MyStyle Craft range since becoming a Toyologist. This is the third product we have reviewed in the range and, yet again, I am impressed!

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Contents: Various Pre-Cut Felt shapes, 3 x Inner Cushions, 400mm Pink Ribbon, 10m x White Embroidery Thread, 5m x Purple Embroidery Thread, 5m x Hot Pink Embroidery Thread, 3 x Buttons, 1 x Embroidery Needle.

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The kit contains everything needed to make 2 cushions and a heart-shaped door hanging cushion. Holes are pre-punched in the material making it easy for children to sew. The instruction booklet is very well written, and explains things in simple terms for children to understand. As well as the instructions for the cushions, the booklet starts by introducing the skills required. Basics such as how to thread a needle are covered, as well as how to sew on a button. The kit uses a running stitch and blanket stitch, both explained using words and brilliant diagrams. I even learnt a thing or two!

The instruction booklet also contains step-by-step guides for the three projects, which are very easy to follow. It is recommended for children aged eight and above, which I feel is about right. Belle is nine and needed minimum help, except for starting and finishing off. It is an idea to start with the door hanger as it provides an introduction to the stitches, but doesn’t take very long.

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Belle really enjoyed using this kit and has learnt some new skills as well. She knew exactly where to sew by lining up the pre-punched holes on the material and mastered the stitches easily. Everything about it is quality; the materials, the packaging and the instruction booklet. I would not hesitate to recommend this, either as a rainy day activity or as a gift for someone. We are currently looking to purchase some other kits in the range as we have been really impressed.

MyStyle Gorgeous Girly Cushions is available from Toys R Us for £14.99

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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