Mystyle Gorgeous Girly Cushions by Mama Owl Review

Alicia loves to sew and make things (I don’t know where she gets it from, because I can’t sew to save my life) and was thrilled when I handed her the myStyle Gorgeous Girly Cushions kit to try out.

Initially she was rather fascinated by the vacuum packed cushions and insisted on being the one to free them from their plastic. She then set about sewing together the largest cushion cover design as a Christmas gift for a friend of hers.

The myStyle Gorgeous Girly Cushions kit is recommended for ages 8+ and is priced at £14.99. As with the other myStyle design kits we have reviewed, we have found their full colour instruction manuals to be very clear and thorough, easy to understand, and very well illustrated.

The kit provides enough materials to make three cushions, and also gives instructions for basic sewing methods (I will be having a look at these myself I think…) with pre-cut felt pieces to make the covers. I think it is a good value for money kit, that will keep your budding seamstresses busy for hours while they work on their creations.

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