My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle Review

My girls adore My Little Pony and have quite a collection of ponies already, so getting this castle was a huge delight for them.


I brought it out of the box and was a little taken aback by the volume of pieces in there and the amount of construction required.  It does not go together in 5 minutes, it took me about 20 minutes to slot the right pieces together and then add the sticker decals.


Then it was time for some pony play.  Unfortunately, the play lasted 5 minutes and then I got wails of protest because the turrets had fallen off.  I rushed in and slotted them back on.  I was no sooner out of the door, when the stairs fell off, followed by the turrets again and then finally the whole top part of the castle dropped off.

Yes, it is a slot together toy, so I did expect a degree of things falling off, but the whole castle doesn’t really slot together that well and the bits drop off far too easily.  I do have moments throughout the day, where I am a bit exasperated putting this back together.


That being said, the girls love it, they play with it every day, they get very animated, they have had an enormous amount of fun out of it.

It is an inexpensive toy, so I can’t expect it to be that solid; however, I am a little disappointed by how flimsy it is.  With a few minor adjustments, this could be a superb toy.

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