My First Painting by Numbers Review

We don’t do a huge amount of painting in this house as I am scared of the mess my kids can make but this looked a fun challenge for the pair of them. The kit comes with everything except a pot of water for cleaning the brushes. The paint pots were numbered on the packet and slotted into numbered holes in a palette:

The pots were fairly fiddly to open and needed a grown up to do it. I did manage to spill a bit from one whilst opening it… Both children chose a picture and set to work:

The instructions suggested starting at the top. As you can see above my daughter jumped in without reading them! This is as far she got on her first go:

My 5 year old had less patience and found it harder to stay between the lines:

The kit will be available shortly on the web site and is aimed at 5+ aged children. You can see the difference between the work of a nearly 9 year old and a 5 year old above. I would say that it’s better for a slightly older child or one with better manual dexterity than my son!

When they get a chance to finish their masterpieces I will post the final pics!

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