My First Paint by Numbers Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our seventh review from our third toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing My First Paint by Numbers which is available to buy from Toys R Us and where details of the price can be checked too.

What is My First Paint by Numbers? My First Paint by Numbers are pictures with numbers allocated to certain parts of the drawing which then correspond to a paint colour. The idea is to match the colour to the number when you paint your picture. This set is suitable for ages 5+

What comes in the pack? In this pack you get 7 paints, 1 paint brush and 2 cardboard pictures to paint.

How did it fair? Miss C loves to paint but it can be a bit of chore to get her easel and paints out when we don’t have a lot of time so little sets like these are great for her. The paints were really fluid and not too thick so you didn’t need any water to mix in to them, just water to clean your brush. The tubs were easy to open and are separated so you can open them individually and use them as you need them. There is enough paint in each pot to do the 2 pictures. The 2 pictures are of a good size and in this set we got 2 pictures of a girl and a horse. The paint dried fairly quickly so we weren’t having to wait ages in-between painting each section.

Any drawbacks to My First Paint by Numbers? The paints are not in numerical order so instead of it being colour 1, colour 2, colour 3 etc, there were random numbers like 22, 30 and 72. This was fine for Wee Z who knows his numbers but for Miss C she couldn’t associate the colour to the number because she doesn’t know all  her numbers yet. Once I showed her which colour went where she was fine.
The paint does stain however it does tell you this on the pack. Even with a well covered area, the kids still managed to get paint on themselves and their clothes. I have paints for the kids that are machine washable so if do they get paint on their clothes, I know it will wash off. I don’t understand why a company would choose to use paints that stain when there are paints out there that don’t.

Would I recommend this to a friend? I’d recommend something like this as a birthday present as it isn’t very expensive and it is a good rainy day activity. However, I’d be looking out for packs with paints that don’t stain.

We give this 6/10

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