My First Clock Game Review

It was great timing to receive this My First Clock Game as both my 5 year old and my 8 year old are keen to either learn to tell the time or to improve on their use of analogue instead of digital time telling. The game is aimed at ages 4-9 and has games that suit the whole age range.

The game was quick to set-up with a pop together pair of hands and cards that pop out to play. We set out playing the middle level game where you read the digital time out to the next person who has to try and set the hands of the clock at the right position.

My 8 year old was the best of this at this game even beating me as I forgot about putting the hour hand half way to the next hour! This level of the game is definitely for those that already know something about telling the time, although my 5 year old could read out the numbers.

For the younger players the entry level game involved putting different time cards into the right order. Then they have to say what happens at that point during the day.

There is another advanced level that we haven’t moved onto yet. This one probably needs to be played between children of a similar standard as its more of a free for all than a taking turns game.

At £6.99 this is a great addition to a family’s games cabinet. My children were very keen on it and I’m sure we will get a lot of play out of it whilst my children are learning through fun.

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