My First Clock Game Review

My First Clock is an educational game from Ravensburger.  The objective of the game is teach young children the time with both analogue and digital clocks and the game is aimed towards children aged 4-9 years.  The educational aspects of this game are that it helps to develop number association and recognition of routine and helps develop sense of the abstract concept of time.  In the box is a card clock face with movable plastic hands and 27 double-sided clock cards.  One one side is a standard clock face, each card has a different time on it and and on the other side the time is shown in numbers like a digital clock and is split into am and pm.

There are three different ways of playing the game which adds variety. The first way is called “A Whole Day” and the object of the game is to learn about the clock and the hours of the day.  The second game is called “Setting the Clock” and the object of the game is be able to set the clock correctly and finally the last game is called “Fast Time” and the object of the game is to recognise the time as quickly as you can.

My children enjoyed playing the game and I think it’s a nice way to introduce telling the time as sometimes learning things like this can become a bit of a chore for children, so the more fun you can make it, the better. My 6 year old is already pretty good at telling the time but the game helps to reinforce what she knows, whilst my 5 year old hasn’t got a clue so this is a great starting point for him.  They both liked the last way “Fast Time” of playing the game where on your turn you set any time you like on the big clock and show it to the other players and tell them what time it is before counting slowly out loud to 10. Whilst you are counting the other players have to try and pick out the card they think matches that time, the one who gets it closest keeps that card and the winner is the first person to have collected three cards (although we tend to go on a bit longer) – it certainly makes it more competitive for them which they like!

I think this game is good value as it’s fun and educational. The age range is listed as being 4-9 years old but I would have thought by about 8 years old a child might well have outgrown this game, however for the slightly younger children it’s a fab way of introducing how to tell the time.

My First Clock is available at Toys R Us, priced at £7.99.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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