Musical Toys & Instruments For Kids

Kids of all ages love music, and there are a huge number of benefits to musical instruments for kids. For babies, playing with musical toys is a great way to explore and express emotions, and as they grow up, children will continue to develop their creative skills.

What’s more, playing a musical instrument will help develop your child’s co-ordination and motor skills, and the concentration and discipline involved in playing music will support them in other areas of learning and school work.

With all these benefits, many parents are keen to get their children interested in music. We’ve put together our favourite musical toys and musical instruments for kids, ranging from babies to toddlers and bigger kids, along with some more of the main benefits of music for kids.

Musical toys for babies

Get your little one interested in music from an early age with one of our great musical toys for babies. Music will stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage their creative development – as well as being an awful lot of fun! We’ve picked out some of the best musical toys for babies available here at Toys R Us.Bruin Musical Activity Centre

Bruin Musical Activity Centre

Perfect for attaching to your little one’s cot, this musical activity board will keep your baby entertained through play time. It comes with a variety of musical sounds, as well as plenty of visual activities to stimulate baby’s senses.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano

Exclusive to Babies R Us, this miniature grand piano is perfect for older babies. Your baby’s very first introduction to musical concepts such as tempo and pitch, baby is encouraged to play along to the programmed music on the 8 light up keys, as well as making their own tunes up!

Bright Starts Play a Tune Piano Rattle Toy

Baby will love this multi purpose toy, which comes with light-up keys, as well as colourful rattle beads and three fun melodies. It’s perfect for keeping baby entertained whilst on the move, in their pushchair or in the car.

VTech Sing & Discover Piano

Another great piano toy, this model from VTech helps your little one learn music, as well as colours and animals. They’ll love pressing the five light up piano keys to hear a choice of 15 different melodies, and there’s even a microphone so they can sing along to their favourite tunes!

VTech Rock N Roll Radio

This colourful radio will introduce your baby to different musical instruments and sounds, including guitar and saxophone. All of baby’s senses will be stimulated by this fun musical toy, which also features flashing lights and chunky buttons.

Musical instruments for kids

When your child gets a little older, they’ll be looking for musical instruments which offer them more of a chance to flex their creative muscles. We’ve picked out some of the best musical toys and instruments for older kids, from drum kits to guitars, and everything in between.VTech Kidijams Keyboard

VTech Kidijams Keyboard

Suitable for ages 3+, this has everything you could want from a first keyboard. It features 20 different rock, hip-hop, jazz and techno melodies which your little one will have hours of fun as they record themselves singing along. You’ll also find drum pads and 6 different instrumental sounds.

Bruin Preschool My First Blue Drum Set

Exclusive to Toys R Us, My First Drum Kit is perfect beginners musical instrument for your little one. Drumming will encourage their co-ordination and sense of rhythm – all whilst being great fun! The set includes everything they need to get started, with a bass drum, cymbal, stool and drumsticks.

Bruin Grand Piano

Playing piano will develop your child’s fine motor skills, and they’ll have fantastic fun with this piano, which comes with playable keys as well as demo melodies for pretend play.

VTech 3-in-1 Guitar Band

Exclusive to Toys R Us, this 3-in-1 guitar is perfect for wannabe rockstars. Featuring piano, guitar and drums all in one, it will help your child will develop their musical creativity and confidence.

Disney Frozen Musical SetDisney Frozen Musical Set

If your child is a big fan of Frozen, they’ll love this musical set featuring a drum and sticks, trumpet, castanets, tambourine, paddle drum and two clackers. It’s perfect for encouraging sociability and creativity, with enough musical instruments for your little one to form a band with their best friends.

Music games for kids

Musical play is the perfect way to bond with your baby, as making music (or noise, as the case may be with your baby!) allows them to express emotions they would be otherwise unable to.

Playing with musical toys also allows your little one to develop dexterity and self confidence – and when they play together with others, they’ll enjoy the additional benefits that come with social play. If you want to add some more structure to your child’s musical play, here are a few easy ideas for music games for kids:

  • Keep it simple with very young babies, by keeping eye contact and gently tapping out a beat with your hands. Try out different beats and use different instruments to see how your baby responds. Which sounds do they like best? Do they respond by tapping out their own beats, cooing or gurgling? This type of play will quickly develop baby’s concentration and get them engaged with music from an early age.


  • Musical statues is an old party classic that teaches kids concentration, and you can play it with any number of children. It’s really easy – all you have to do is play some upbeat music as your child dances. When you stop the music, they must freeze. They’ll love trying not to giggle as they stand as still as possible.


  • If your child is a fan of musical toys, you’ll know that it’s a great outlet for their emotions. Why not encourage them to talk about what they feel as they play or listen to music? As you’re listening to music together, ask them how it makes them feel. Do they feel happy or sad? These conversations will make them more aware of their emotions, as well as building their vocabulary.

However you and your child choose to play with their musical toys, remember to encourage and praise their efforts at every step of the way!

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