Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home Review

Belle really enjoyed playing with the Moshi Monsters Bobblebots we received in our last Toyologist box, so was looking forward to playing with her new Moshi Home.

The box contained: Moshi Home with 2 doors, 2 windows and 2 floors, Poppet figure, mini DJ Quack, duck, Telegroan, pop-up bin, trophy, friends tree, wheel of fortune, chocolate broccoli, Cuddly Human and 3 sticker decal sheets.

After initial construction by me, which is very easy, Belle immediately got to work setting the Moshi house up as she wanted, trying out the different doors and wall decorations. The Telegroan is fun, folding out to be a pretend Moshi phone. The pop-up bin produces a little figure when the pedal is pushed and the wheel spins round providing an interesting feature on the wall. The house can be changed to create different scenes by swapping the floors, doors and windows. Belle didn’t want to add the stickers straight away as she wanted to be sure she was happy with their position before placing them. I have to say I was pleased, because I find it hard when stickers have no set place on toys, as they can end up looking really messy if left to the children to place (but that may be a touch of OCD creeping in!)

As you can see from the pictures above, as soon as Belle turned her back, Mini was there rearranging things and spinning the wheel! I did watch her with the little pieces, but would say that the recommended age of 4+ is spot on.

My girls did enjoy playing with the Moshi Home, but Belle was disappointed that the box shows many more Moshlings, both on the front and back. Some are cartoon ones, but it is hard to tell the difference, and I would have assumed they came with the set. In small letters, the box does state ‘Moshlings not included. See base for contents.’ and underneath,  in very tiny writing, the contents are listed. Personally, I find the packaging misleading. As long as you and your children are aware of what is actually included, this is a great Moshi Monsters toy. Belle and Mini certainly like it, and have rearranged it a few times to play different games. With the bonus of having a code to claim a limited edition Moshling, this would appeal to any Moshi Monsters fan!

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home is available from Toys ‘R’ Us for £39.99

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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