Moshi Monster App Monster Poppet Luvli Review

The Moshi Monster App Monster is a gift pack containing two cute Moshi monster soft toys Poppet and Luvli.

These two cuties may look as though they are your everyday regular cuddly toy but as they say… “Things ain’t always what they seem!”


Technology is so much more advanced than it used to be. With the use of Modern technology we are now able to use this to bring our toys to life.

The App Monsters are compatible with both iPod touch and iPhone devices. Simply download the Free Moshi App for each Moshi character. We were sent from Toys R Us, the twin set containing the App Monsters Poppet and Luvli. So I needed to down download an app for each.

The concept is really quite simple, Download the app onto your device, Insert your device into your chosen app monster by undoing the Velcro fastening And you’re ready for action.

Your cool soft toy comes to life, allowing kids to enjoy an interactive Moshi experience.

These are suitable for age 4+ which to me is a little weird because as beneficial as I feel Apple products can be, the thought of a 4 year old owning one is a tad worrying. However, I do feel the interactive experiences you get from the app is more targeted at a younger audience. I really can’t see older children getting much from this toy.

The toddler of 3 really loved the toy with and without the phone inserted. But he does like it much more when the app is running as one would expect him too.

He Really enjoyed feeding the Moshi loads of cake and tickling her nose. He also had fun customising his Moshi. Saying this I’ve remained in close proximity given this is after all my iPhone and I didn’t fancy finding it smashed all over the floor… Now that would be disheartening.

Over all we did love the toy in action, I just think that many older children who are lucky enough to own the device to use them, really won’t find the App monster that exciting! For the younger child its fantastic you just have to keep a watchful eye on them if they are using your device to power it.

Checkout the video demonstration I’ve created with the use of poppet. As you can see I found great satisfaction when poking Poppet in the eye lol.


Moshi Monster App Monster – Poppet & Luvli are available from Toys R Us who are currently selling for the special price of £14.99 giving you £8 off.

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