Monster High Create a Monster Lab Review

Review written by Danielle who blogs at www.blogbybaby.com

Monster High is a favourite amongst pre teens at the moment. I like that they are different from the usual blonde barbie doll (which Brooke my 8 year old daughter LOVES), after all, they have coloured bodies!

We were sent the Monster High Create a Monster Lab set to review as part of Toyologist 2012.

Have you always wanted to create your own monster? With the Monster High Create a Monster Lab, here’s your chance! The laboratory playset comes with lots of “skins” to create tons of different combinations. Doctor Frankenstein… eat your heart out!

The box was quite large, and opening it up I was pleased to see there was no assembly really needed. The doll is complete and attached with plastic elastic ties, while the lab is complete and just needs the handle popping on.

While pulling the doll out of her home, Brooke pulled a leg off, ‘ARRGGH’ she said, thinking she had broken it, only she hadn’t, each part of the body is removable and gets placed into the lab to be tattooed! You can even remove the hair…

There is full instruction included with the set, which have illustrations and writing. To use you simply fill up with water, and then use the pump to get water into the white sponge which is above the main base. This is adjustable and moves in all directions, across, towards you and away from you. This means you can get it over the correct body part quite easily. You then simply put the desire tattoo in the holder and push down onto the doll. There is a whole host of tools included too which help you do it.

I do think the age range is a little young, a 6 year old would struggle doing this alone, but with adult help I am sure they would love it still. A Monster High fan would adore it!

You can buy the Monster High Create a Monster Lab from Toys R Us here: http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Toys-R-Us/Toys/Dolls/Fashion-Dolls-and-Accessories/Monster-High-Create-a-Monster-Lab(0095386)?searchPosition=0

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