Monster High Create a Monster Lab

I was expecting to have to delegate the testing of the Monster High Create A Monster Lab to my ten year old niece, however once he heard the words “Monster” and “Lab“, Logan was all over it.

The Monster High Create A Monster Lab is a laboratory play set that comes in a handy carry case with storage drawers for all of the tattoos that you use to design your doll. It’s a bright, eye-catching design in hot pink, black and grey.

It contains one doll that is fully customisable using a variety of funky transfer designs that can be used to create your own spooky ‘frankendoll’! It’s priced at £39.99 and recommended for ages 6 years +.

You need to fill the lab with water and then press the pump until the sponge on the applicator is completely wet, and this must be repeated for every tattoo application. You then match the codes to each body part with the code on the tattoo sheets and make sure the code is positioned correctly within the applicator, before lining it up and pressing the applicator on to the body part until the lights in the eyes of the skull stop flashing.

It’s not a good idea to put all of the body parts in to the lab at once when you’re applying tattoos to the limbs, as it may interfere with other applications. I’d also recommend waiting until the transfers are completely dry before putting the wig on to the doll, as otherwise the hair may stick to the surfaces.

Logan enjoyed creating his own designs, and then Erica took ownership of the doll after he was done! To remove the tattoos all you have to do is wash the doll down with warm soapy water, or some baby oil will work if you have any handy at home.

There are endless possibilities for design combinations which I think will give hours of play time with this toy.

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