Mission Earth Review

Mission Earth is my absolute hands-down favourite out of all the games that we have received from Toys R Us throughout the 2012 Toyologist program. Educational, but simple and lots of fun, this will now be our go-to game of choice for family game night and my kids absolutely love it.

Starting out with 7 carbon footprint tokens, the aim of this game is to get rid of all of your tokens before answering a question to win the game. Follow the spiral path through outer space, and then when you re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere you have to answer a question and complete an action card, if you get both right then you are the winner (if not, just try again on your next turn!).

You have a choice of questions from either a white or blue background if you have younger and older children playing (my ‘big kids’ are 14, 11, 9 and 7), and they are educational without being too tricky, things like “name three animals beginning with the letter B” or “name three types of tree”. Logan (who has Autism) does prefer to watch us play a game two or three times before deciding if he wants to join in, but he took great delight in answering the questions with the others and has since decided that he very much likes this game.

The game stays true to its eco-friendly message by being made entirely of 100% recycled board, with the board folding to become the box.

Mission Earth is for 2-6 players and is recommended for age 7+ which I would agree with. It’s priced at £16.99 and available now from Toys R Us. Simple rules, a great message and environmentally friendly, we think it is fab, a big thumbs up from Chez Mama Owl.

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