Mission Earth Game Review

Review written by Danielle who blogs at www.blogbybaby.com

I had honestly never heard of this game before, so it was a surprise when it was included in our Toyologist Box 1.

Reading up about it, it looked intriguing.

Join the Earth Heroes on a quest to save the planet with this exciting environmentally friendly board game! Follow the simple, spiral path through space and time as you move towards Earth bringing the message home that we must act now to save our planet!

Made in the UK using 100% recycled board.

Opening up the box out of the slipcover, it all fell into place, quite literally! the box is the board!

All the playing pieces come in a cardboard mount which you pop out, I did find this tricky as the cardboard kept attaching to the bit it was meant to pop out of, but a little bit of cutting had them looking good.

There is 55 question cards, 102 action cards, and 55 chance cards included with the game, that have their relevant place on the board.

So how do you play? Well each player gets 7 carbon tokens (again I found hard to pop out perfectly), you chose an earth hero playing piece and profile card, you read the mission statement aloud and assign an environmental guru who will be responsible for making judgements on any disputed answers. You then roll the dice and move the relevant spaces on the board , you then use the colour code for the space. For example, yellow means a yellow ‘Question’ card. If you get the answer right then you lose a carbon token. The idea of the game is that you lose all your carbon tokens and make it back to Earth!

I thought it was a little tricky for 7 year olds, as the age range states, as they do need to learn to read quite fluently. But older children and adults would enjoy it and get more play out of it. The RRP of £16.99 is a really reasonable price, and if you are after an eco-friendly family game then this is the one for you. I was impressed that the actual game fits back inside the box, so many times it’s hard to fit back in the box, but this worked perfectly.

You can buy Mission Earth from Toys R Us here:  http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Toys-R-Us/Toys/Games/Games/Mission-Earth-Game(0094265)?searchPosition=1

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