Millionaire Monopoly Review

Our third Toyologist review involves money …

I have always loved playing Monopoly, when I was a child, a game of Monopoly would go on forever, in fact we used to play it in the evening and it would get left there until the next night because it would take so long to finish a game.

So I was very intrigued to give this version a go, the idea being the first player to a million wins, and each player will collect a minimum of £100,000 each time they pass go, meant that it would not continue forever….

To start the game, each player is given a certain amount of money, now this is the first improvement, the money is chunky and not flimsy pieces of paper that get blown off the table every time someone closes a door, so chunky that the little one took quite a liking to it and continually tried to chew it!!

As it is the first person to a million, there is no need for large amounts of each denomination, so they all fit rather nicely into the money holder, placed in the middle of the board, and no-one has to be the banker as it is easy to help yourself.

The playing pieces are so cool, you start off with a choice of scooter, paper aeroplane, toy car or a rowing boat and you can progress to two larger sized vehicles, but beware, you can also shrink back down to your little one as my very cool bike got demoted back to a tiny scooter.

You move around the board and it still has the traditional Go To Jail, actual jail and chance cards, but each property that you land on is either bought or put up for auction, which got very entertaining and competitive as the children kept upping the price, I ended up paying £25,000 for a property that was worth £5,000 but I HAD to have that property!

The children really enjoyed playing Millionaire Monopoly and Neva the 9 year old thought it was excellent because she won, although I had built up quite a good (if a little expensive) property collection, but that is not what this game is about, it is being shrewd and making a quick million.

A very entertaining and quick to learn game, which meant all of the children aged 9 and above were able to play by themselves, kaide aged 6 was on my team, although he loves maths, so was my own personal banker.

I would definitely recommend Millionaire Monopoly, especially for a family with older children, a great twist on the original game and a much quicker game to finish!!

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