Melissa and Doug Paint with Water Review

For our second Big Milk Thing Toyology review we have chosen to write about Paint With Water from Melissa and Doug.

I think we all remember the “magic! colouring books from when we were children, the ones that you would paint water onto the pages and various shades of blue/grey would appear. In theory they were a good idea but in reality they were rather rubbish and didn’t really allow for the use of any artistic skills – I remember my brother one day trying to use spit on his finger to fill one in!

For this reason I can understand why, at first glance, this product may be approached with a certain level of cynicism but on closer inspection the Melissa and Doug Paint with Water  is very different.

At the top of each page is a strip containing the paint palate, which is like a very thin layer of the compressed powder paints you buy for children in trays. All your child needs to do is wet their paint brush, which is provided, rub it on the desired colour and start painting. If they wish to change colour it is no different to normal painting, just rinse the brush and choose their next colour.

Elliott loves to paint and will sit happily concentrating for a good period of time doing so but like a lot of parents I am guilty of not allowing him to do it very often due to the mess and cleaning up involved. The mess these days can also be contributed to by his little brother grabbing things and trying to get involved resulting in us needing to put the poor Elliott up in his baby brothers highchair to paint out of reach, which is a bit restrictive.

With the Paint With Water he was able to sit on the sofa happily painting away with no interference from Sam or stress from me as all I had to worry about was a cup with a tiny bit of dirty water in it.

There are some down sides to the system but they can be rectified easily so really shouldnt be off-putting – I feel as though I still need to include them in my review to ensure that it is fair and balanced.

The included brush is a little cheap and scratchy, it fits the purpose but if you have a child that likes to be very precise with their painting then you may wish to give them a different brush.

The top part of the page where the paint palate is will get rather wet as can the painted page your child is working on so you do need to put something between the pages to prevent the water bleeding through, we found a piece of cereal box card with the shiny side up did the trick – this will prevent the palate on the under page getting wet and then sticking to the one on top when it dries and your under picture becoming  stained.

There is only a small amount of each colour on each page but enough for each painting and this has been great for Elliott because when he colours or paints he will select one colour and use that one only – painstakingly colouring every tiny bit individually but in the same colour as everything else on the page so it all merges into one – as you can see from the above picture he has been producing some lovely multicoloured art work with the Paint With Water!

I think this pad is so practical and handy for things like parties and play dates, we have told our local toddler group about it and they are going to get one for craft sessions as they can hand each child a page and they have everything they need to happily paint away – no mess and no squabbling over  who has the yellow paint!

The Paint With Water, I think, is great value for money – paint, 20 printed pages and a brush all that will provide a child with hours of entertainment! I think out of all the things we have received from Toys R Us, so far, this by far is one of my favorites and I am sure this will not be the last pad in the range that we will purchase, not only for ourselves but as gifts for Elliot’s friends!

Paint With Water will be available in Toys R Us VERY soon

Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing were sent the Melissa and Doug Paint With Water as part of our involvement with Toys R Us  as 2012 Green Group Toyologists!

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