Melissa and Doug Paint with Water Review

My boys LOVE being creative – which I find kind of hard seeing as I HATE the prospect of a mess! I find it key to point out that my house is NOT immaculate – in fact quite the opposite – but I do worry about paint, glue and creative mess, and do like to find ways to be creative without having to completely wash the house down afterwards!

When I first caught sight of the Melissa and Doug Blue Paint with Water set, I was therefore quite exicted – the prospect of the boys being able to paint, without having to get out the paints, pallettes and cover the WHOLE table with paper was, to me, rather wonderful! And the boys seemed to like it to – Charlie in particular – so he took on the job of giving it a good test!

The pad consists of 20 pages, each with a design to paint and a set of paint dried on to each page which just need to have a little water added to them to use. The paints are right at the top of the page, with a tear off strip just underneath, so you can tear the page away once finished! There is also a paintbrush included with the set – so all you need to add is a small pot of water and you are away! There is a pink version too which is designed for the girls!

Charlie LOVED it. He found it really easy to use the paints and soon realised the more he mixed his brush into each colour, the deeper and more vivid the colour would be when he painted. There was more than enough paint on each page to complete each picture, even though on occasion I felt the colours were not maybe quite suited to the picture to paint… but I suppose that is the creative vision of the product! The range of designs was great too – plenty to keep a young man occupied, from dinosaurs and dragons to rockets and clowns with a few cute pictures too.

From Mums point of view this product is great. Simple, quick to get out, NOT MESSY and great value for money too, being priced at ONLY £3.99! I think the Melissa and Doug Paint with Water set is a MUST have as a great rainy day activity, time filler and also as a transportable activity which can easily be whipped out in an activity emergency! I am very impressed! With Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better stocking filler!

And the result?
Charlie’s finished dinosaur was FAB – and he couldn’t wait to do another. He gave the Melissa and Doug Paint with Water set a whopping 10/10 and a big THUMBS UP! With Christmas just around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better stocking filler!
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