Melissa and Doug Doorbell House Review

The Melissa And Doug Doorbell House arrived in a clear wrapper. It is not boxed at all.
While this is great for landfill sites, it would be a nightmare to wrap.
It also does not include the 2x AAA Batteries required for the doorbells to work.

When I first opened the House, it looked really pretty. It is suitable for children aged 3 and over.
I installed the batteries and set to work “testing” it. The first thing I noticed was that one of the doorbells sticks slightly – this did lessen as I pressed it more, but I can imagine a 3 year old would have found it too stiff to push to begin with. All four bells do have a different sound, though – check out the video below to hear them.

The next thing I noticed was that there are no spare keys included, and no auto release on the locks. Basically, if you lose a key, the door is rendered useless. All 4 keys are different, and they are all numbered to help kids associate the correct key with the correct door. The keys are all fastened via a keyring onto a thick black strap. The strap JUST reaches the locks. It can get a bit fiddly, but at least the keys will all be kept safe (as long as your child doesn’t remove them from the keyring).

You also get 4 wooden dolls, and can pop one behind each door, or they will all fit into the same one too. The dolls look good and can be used in most doll’s houses too, I guess.

I was all set to write a great review for this doll’s house, but then I decided to let my 15 Month old press the bells just to see what he thought of it, and his damp dribbly fingers removed a good chunk of the paper coating just by rubbing it.

Check out my video review below to see the doll’s house, hear the bells and view the damage a dribbley finger caused.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj03FlzBPpE]

This toy is definitely not suitable for under 3’s. With an RRP of £29.99, I can’t help but think most people would be able to get a better doll’s house for their money. If your intended recipient loves keys, doorbells or locks, then they may well love the Melissa And Doug Doorbell House.
The house is small enough to be easily transported, and light enough for a 3 year old to carry, but make sure you keep it well away from liquids!

The Melissa And Doug Doorbell House will be available at Toys R Us soon.

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