Melissa and Doug Car Transporter Review

My 17 Month old son ADORES cars. I genuinely thought he would be super excited about the Car Transporter, but he has only ever played with the four cars which come with the Transporter.

Myself and DaddyGeek have both played with it quite a bit, (Purely for testing purposes, of course…..!) We both like it. The fact it lowers so you can “drive” the cars on is a brilliant design idea. I also love the fact this toy is made from wood – My dad would have been a huge fan of the Car Transporter if he were still around. It is timeless. The Car Transporter could easily be from the 1960’s.

It has a distinct retro feel about it, but Sam still enjoyed playing with it. (Or the cars at least). He did try to use the truck part as well, but kept getting frustrated as the rear end lifts off, so you’re left with two pieces. Sam happily plays with the four cars, and the front truck part on his road playmat. For now though, the transporter section has been abandoned in his toybox.

The Car Transporter is aimed at children aged 3 and over, and I am confident that by this time next year, Sam will begin to enjoy the complete toy, rather than just the cars. I guess he is a bit young to have worked out the most effective way to play with the entire thing, yet.

With an RRP of £17.99, I think the Car Transporter is a bargain. It is well made and feels very sturdy. It is definitely built to last.

I would highly recommend it as a gift for any car-mad child aged around 3+

It comes wrapped in plastic, and has two plastic inserts plus a cardboard base. Scissors were required to open it. This wouldn’t be an easy item to wrap – I’d have resorted to a gift bag if I were wrapping it up for Christmas!

All told though, I give it 5/5. Timeless, and definitely one the more mature relatives will enjoy playing with!

The Melissa and Doug Car Transporter is available at Toys R Us.

Review By MotherGeek

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